Exposure believes in bringing strategic, creative thinkers together who can thrive in a collaborative work atmosphere that challenges the individual and rewards the ability to think outside of the box.  For a full list of current positions, please visit Web Solutions.

Professional Growth

To keep pace with our commitment to innovation and growth, we foster the development of each team member's unique skill sets through:

  • Challenging & Diverse Project Plate
  • Opportunities to Impact Project Goals
  • Bi-directional Team Member Support 
  • Enrichment Programs & Trainings
  • Book & Resource Budgets
  • Employee Recognition


The Exposure team culture didn't develop accidentally. We have worked deliberately to foster a culture where "get to love your job" truly resonates with each employee and the workplace environment through:

  • A Dynamic, Team-Centered Workplace
  • Doing What's Right, Not What's Most Profitable
  • Growing Each Career Path Around Employee Strengths 
  • Employee-Directed Extracurricular Activities
  • Like-Minded Conversations 

Traditional Benefits

Ultimately, we realize that everyone requires some traditional compensation for a job well done. Our full-time employees benefit from:

  • A Family-first Work Place
  • Competitive Salaries
  • Profit Sharing Opportunities
  • Health Insurance Benefits
  • Matching Retirement Benefits
  • Paid Holidays, Vacation, Personal & Sick Days