Ongoing Retainers & Project Management

With our expansive knowledge and solid experience in internet marketing, Exposure has the resources to lead your marketing and your company growth. We created our ongoing marketing programs for initiatives which may require constant and proactive management, support and strategy. 

Program Design

Based on a monthly retainer, we will recommend a combination of marketing tactics and budget that works best for you. Once the activities are selected and the strategy is in place, we will proceed with the development, benchmarking and launch, and then take the lead in the ongoing management and optimization of all elements.


Exposure follows a cyclical pattern for our programs that ensures all marketing activities are working toward a common goal, with end-to-end optimization.

Exposure's creative, strategic and project management teams are poised to support you at every stage of the game. Our programs are designed to lead our clients toward new successes, and our team members will be actively working with you and behind the scenes to ensure your goals are met.


Our ongoing programs are designed according to your goals and budget and are structured based on pre-committed hours as part of a monthly retainer – this enables us to use your available budget in the most optimal way possible.

Typically planned in three, six or twelve-month increments, our programs can be custom-fit. Packages range from the baseline package for one or two marketing activities up to an advanced package with end-to-end support including proactive management and strategy adjustment.


We remain committed to you and your objectives at all stages, through all processes, resulting in the types of relationships we like the best – a collaborative partnership, where we keep your best interests central to all decision-making. That is our promise to you.