National Car Care Products and Services Provider Wanted to Capture Their Fan Base on Facebook and Show Their Personality Through Updates and Specials.


Simoniz knew their seasoned products and long-lasting legacy had built up a solid fan base of generations of customers. They wanted to create a Facebook page that attracted business users and customers, showcased their products – and tied their products into the website ecommerce store – and gave them the ability to interact with their fans.


Exposure was excited to work with the brand and felt it was important to create clear avenues for the different target audiences. They wanted to showcase the products that Simoniz customers have come to love and rely on while giving the brand an opportunity to leverage new product promotions and grow overtime with contests and giveaways.


Web Solutions, Exposure's parent company, was in the middle of a new web design refresh for Simoniz and was introducing some great interactive flash elements to the home page. Exposure wanted to feature these new elements in the Facebook fan page by using custom tab development and the newly rolled out iFrame integration for a "welcome" landing page and separate pages for business users, customers and Detail Direct, the Simoniz store. At the same time, Exposure wanted to balance interactivity and engagement on the wall with pushing visitors back to the website's eCommerce section for potential purchases.


Simoniz's fan base grew to over 600 fans within a few weeks of being live and Simoniz is now exploring the new opportunities they have to interact with their customers and show the fun and engaging side of their business.

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