QR Campaign Brings Connecticut Kitchen and Bath Company Into Digital Age


Rosania Stone Designs had an outdated brochure that they wanted to amp up by incorporating fresh images and elements from their new website design. They relied on brochure distribution for the majority of their awareness campaigns, but were excited to start using their website as a lead generation tool and needed to find a way to push people to the website.


Exposure had some beautiful imagery showcasing Rosania's talent that they wanted to be the forefront of the brochure design. They were concerned that simply listing the URL along with other contact information and calls-to-action would make it difficult to find, so they decided to run a QR code campaign.


The brochure was designed with the imagery front and center, but the QR code was placed on a clean page with the company's bio and service list. The QR code stood out against the text and didn't overwhelm the design by creating too many focal points.


The QR code was the primary driver of website traffic, outperforming search engine traffic and driving 34% of the visitors during the life of the campaign.