Revamped Strategy Brings Wire and Cable Manufacturer to the Next Level

Multiconductor Cable Manufacturer Situation

Multi/Cable, a specialized wire and cable manufacturer, had a lot of unanswered questions about internet marketing and knew they weren't reaching their full potential.

  • A website that was making no real impact in organic search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing.
  • A paid search campaign without proper ROI analysis
  • A sizable email list with potential for building stronger relationships 

They decided to reach out to Exposure to help them get more out of their website and online advertising campaigns.


Exposure knew that Multi/Cable made great headway in their initial development phase and had a solid foundation in place that could drive a successful marketing campaign but wanted to step in to optimize all of their existing marketing activities and formulate a plan for moving forward. Exposure identified both short-term optimization tactics and long-term growth strategies to help fix what was broken and then lead them toward success.


SEO: Long-Term Exposure 

Multi/Cable's product names were fairly competitive keywords. To increase organic search rankings for their products, Exposure created a long-term strategy by leveraging their existing online catalog with advanced on-page SEO processes and link building. By prioritizing core strengths and building a framework for ongoing optimization of new product pages, Exposure was able to maximize the potential for ranking on those competitive terms.

PPC: Improved ROI

With the goal of capturing value, maximizing budget and boosting performance, Exposure optimized Multi/Cable's paid search campaign by re-focusing on their core keywords, creating ad copy highlighting their strengths and implementing conversion tracking to measure cost per lead.

Email: Repeat Business and Brand Loyalty

Exposure developed an email marketing strategy focused on enhancing Multi/Cable's loyalty with current customers and helping build relationships with new ones. This included a customizable email template design that Multi/Cable would be able to modify. To trigger high click-through rates, the design and messaging focused on a major topic and a special featured update. Exposure developed an editorial calendar around latest news from popular industry publications relevant to their audience.


Multi/Cable is seeing keyword positions at the top of Google’s organic search results for their primary keyword targets and a 117% increase in organice search traffic.

Over a 6 month period, the pay-per-click campaign saw a 50% increase in leads and the cost-per-lead was cut in half.

The email marketing campaign resulted in an above-average click-through rate of 8.6% over a six month period, with 2% of these visitors requesting quotes.