Search Engine Optimization Provides Connecticut Residential and Commercial Power Generator Company with Stronger Visibility Across Google, Yahoo and Bing


Tower Generator's existing website struggled with search engine visibility. They knew they weren't showing up in search engine results, but didn't have the reporting platforms in place to get a true picture of how the site was performing. With a strong competitor entering the Connecticut market, they knew it was time to ramp up their marketing initiatives and claim first page placement.


Exposure wanted to combine search engine optimization tactics with a website refresh so that not only would they help drive traffic to the new website but once the traffic landed there, they'd find a simple and clean layout with clear calls-to-action and navigational paths.


Exposure teamed up with Web Solutions to deliver a new website that focused on Tower Generator's target markets and audiences. They combined efforts and layed out the website in a way that represented the target keywords across the information architecture. From there, the SEO team researched the keywords with the strongest potential for relevant traffic, embedded them throughout the website and initiated link building activities.


Tower Generator went from no visibility on Google, Yahoo or Bing to first page placement for all targeted keywords. Website visits grew 883% in 6 months and the company's reach grew from Connecticut into New York.