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A dyeable ceramic egg alternative created to bring the Easter coloring experience to children & families affected by egg allergies, as well as vegan households.

  • CADC Silver: Packaging Design
  • CADC Excellence: Logo Design
  • CADC Excellence: Website Design
  • American Graphic Design Award: Website Design
Brand identity for EggNotsEggNots logo alternates
Logo Development: The informal positioning of the trio of eggs feels fun and inviting, speaking to the family-oriented activity. Using straight screens of cyan, magenta and yellow for each egg hint at the opportunities for dying and provide a reliable way to reproduce color in digital and offset applications.
Graphic design for EggNots packaging
Packaging: An earthy, natural-looking belly-band around a uniquely shaped egg carton accentuates the eco-friendly brand’s simplicity while helping to make the product even more kid-friendly.
Web design for EggNots
Website: With a clean layout, textured backgrounds, and bright, eye-catching photography, the EggNots website manages to be both fun and soothing. The site’s simplicity puts the product in the spotlight, encouraging visitors to unleash their own creativity.