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Ripe Juices

New Haven-based company FreshBev is known across the country for their lines of all-natural, cold-pressed craft juices and bar mixers.

  • CADC Silver: Craft Juice Website Design
  • American Graphic Design Award: Craft Juice Website Design
  • American Graphic Design Award: Bar Juice Website Design

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Ripe Craft Juice website
Craft Juice Website Reskin: After their product packaging was updated, FreshBev needed to quickly update the site branding, without a complete overhaul. Web Solutions swapped out images and fonts to closely match the new logo and bottle labels.
Ripe Craft Juice website
Original Craft Juice Website: The original Ripe Craft Juice website used large, colorful images and a clean, fresh design to both the eye and the taste buds. Because the juices are 100% traceable to the farmers that grow the produce, Web Solutions also built a “Trace Your Juice” feature, which enables consumers to enter a unique code from the bottle to see where the juice’s fruit came from.
Juicery Landing Page - Craft Juicery
Juicery Landing Page - The Produce
Juicery Landing Page - The Process
Juicery Landing Page - How It's Made
Juicery Landing Page - Our Story
Juicery Landing Page - Founder
“Craft Juicery” Page (Craft Juice Website): This custom-designed landing page offers insight into what makes these juices different. Each ribbon highlights a different value point – the always-fresh produce, the high-tech juicing process that preserves nutrients, the country’s only “craft juicery” located in the heart of New Haven, and the founders’ genuine passion for what they do.
Ripe Craft Juice
“Our Juices” Section (Craft Juice Website): In the “Our Juices” section of the site, each juice is given a dedicated page to showcase its ingredients, nutrition facts, and health benefits, along with a link to find the juice in a local store.
Ripe Bar Juice website
Bar Juice Website Reskin: FreshBev has partnered with Web Solutions on ecommerce for their unique line of bar juices since 2009 – and the site has seen many changes since then. Our latest reskin incorporated a new logo and product packaging, with more modern styles.
Internet Marketing
Internet Marketing (Craft Juice Website): With Web Solutions’ on-site search engine optimization efforts, the Craft Juice website showed strong and steady growth from the first 5 months post-launch to the following 5 months.