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The Substance Exposed Pregnancy Initiative of Connecticut (SEPI-CT) Logo


A hallmark of SEPI’s work is its inclusive nature, encompassing families of all types, so their bold yet simple branding conveys warmth and comfort. The logo is representative of a pregnant person in the shape of a semicolon, which symbolizes hope and the choice to keep going and seek help in the face of addiction.

The Substance Exposed Pregnancy Initiative of Connecticut (SEPI-CT) Alternate Logo Concepts

Alternate Logo Concepts

We explored several logo concepts that could visually represent SEPI’s work, with each option centering the parent-child bond. During later color explorations, purple and turquoise were selected to represent addiction recovery.

The Substance Exposed Pregnancy Initiative of Connecticut (SEPI-CT) Website Pages


SEPI-CT’s web presence was developed as an extension of their work to raise awareness about resources available for those struggling with drugs or alcohol during pregnancy. With a welcoming design, simple navigation, and inclusive imagery, the site puts visitors at ease while connecting them with the information they need.

Landing Page - For Professionals
Landing Page - For Individuals & Families
Landing Page - About SEPI-CT

Landing Pages

To keep complex information accessible, we created two dedicated landing pages for SEPI-CT’s primary audiences, as well as a third one that introduces visitors to the organization. The Professionals page offers a legislative timeline and access to provider resources, while the Individuals & Families page provides simple and direct entry points to information and support.

“Working with Exposure was a very smooth process. They really nailed the website—it’s exactly what our vision was, they really brought it to life.”
– Mary Fitzgerald, SEPI-CT Program Specialist
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