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Student Affairs is a comprehensive online resource for college and university administrators covering all functional areas of a higher education institution, including residence life, student activities, jobs, deans of students, etc.

  • American Graphic Design Award: Website Design
Logo design for Student Affairs 
Logo Design: Web Solutions created a cleaner, more modern logo that is easier to read both online and in print.
Student Affairs Website
Website: was looking for a new mobile-friendly site that was easy to update and offered a way for student affairs professionals to easily find vendors and performers that cater to campus needs. Web Solutions built a fully responsive new site with an updated design, a more intuitive navigation, and a number of custom-built features.
Student Affairs Wireframes
Wireframes: Because both the jobs and the online exhibition hall modules were custom-built for, Web Solutions created a series of wireframes to make sure all elements were accounted for and show how the modules would appear to users.
Backend: Resume
Backend: Exhibits
Backend: Universities
Backend: Web Solutions custom-built a new online exhibit hall, which offers a comprehensive listing of everything from food vendors and laundry services to comedians and musical acts, all in an easily searchable database. The site also offers a job section, with thousands of job openings covering every functional area of the student affairs field as well as a free resume listing database.