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Ware2Now's TaxBird is a mobile app for people with homes in two or more states. The app tracks how many days users spend in each state for tax purposes.

  • CADC Excellence: Campaign Design
  • CADC Excellence: Website Design
Brand identity for ware2now
Ware2Now Identity Design: Web Solutions created a logo for Ware2Now to tie it visually to the logo of its flagship product, TaxBird.
Brand identity for TaxBirdtaxbird logo alternates
TaxBird Identity Design: Web Solutions came up with the TaxBird name and designed the TaxBird logo.
Wireframes for TaxBird
TaxBird App Wireframes: Web Solutions created detailed wireframes to map out the navigation and functionality of the app.
App Design for TaxBird
TaxBird App Design: The Web Solutions design team conducted ongoing reviews of the app during the development process, providing direction and suggesting design adjustments
Takeaway Phone Card
Takeaway Phone Card: Web Solutions designed a unique takeaway "phone card" for the company to hand out to potential users or referrers. The card mirrored the shape and size of an actual smartphone, and included a screenshot of the app, brief overview of the app's features, QR code, and download information.
Postcard and AD for TaxBird
EEDM (Direct Mail) & Ad: Web Solutions designed a large format postcard mailer to give recipients more information about the TaxBird app, which was sent to 50,000 households in the Naples, Florida market. Web Solutions also created a bright, eye-catching print ad for a local lifestyle publication to promote the app and encourage readers to take advantage of a 30-day free trial offer.
Website development for TaxBird
TaxBird Website: As clean, simple, and streamlined as the app itself, the TaxBird website showcases the features of this state residency tracking and reporting app. Screenshots make it easy to learn more before purchasing.
Tradeshow Booth Design
Tradeshow Booths: Web Solutions created several tradeshow materials to promote awareness of the new TaxBird app, including a case wrap, pull-up banner, and an 8x8 display.