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Marriage In A Box

Developed by a licensed therapist, Marriage In A Box offers couples an effective system for managing common relationship struggles.

  • American Graphic Design Award: Package Design
Brand identity for Marriage In A BoxMarriage In A Box Logo Alternates
Logo Development: This logo was designed as a visual representation of the product name. Both the pair of silver wedding rings and the “M” formed by their overlapping shapes are symbolic of marriage; the box is an encapsulating element turned central point of focus.
Website for Marriage In A Box
Website: A fully responsive website provides an introduction to the product – which is available as both a physical product and an online tool – and offers easy avenues to purchase and sign up.
Backend Toolbox for Marriage In A Box
Toolbox: The Toolbox is a robust online application that includes access to the Marriage In A Box cards, with the ability to mark them and add notes as users work through the system. The Toolbox also allows couples to set up and track both relationship and personal goals, with reminders and progress shown at-a-glance on the Dashboard.
Print design for Marriage In A Box product
Product: The product design incorporated multiple components including the 174 cards, box & belly band, “stepping stones” dry-erase cards, and sticky ‘love’ notes.
Graphic design for Marriage In A Box cards
Cards: 174 two-sided flashcards were created for the product. Color-coding was used for titles, cross-references within the text, and along the edge to make it easy to flip through the deck. Consistent use of typography and visual hierarchy give the entire deck a cohesive feel and enhance the usability of the product.
Product packaging design for Marriage In A Box
Packaging: Web Solutions researched and selected an off-the-shelf box to fit the cards and ancillary products, and designed a belly band for the box branding.