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PursueCare offers personalized telemedicine treatment for mental health and addiction, with the goal of making comprehensive treatment by real professionals accessible to anyone in any location.

PursueCare Website
Pursuecare Website Design


PursueCare wanted a more modern website to better showcase its tech-savvy nature and clearly communicate its services to customers. The new website makes it easy for potential clients to get information and begin treatment.


Mobile Layouts

Approximately 75% of PursueCare’s website visitors are on mobile devices, so the mobile experience needed to be exceptional. Our mobile-first design is completely responsive, so it offers ease of use and intuitive navigation on any screen size.

Pursuecare Ads Pursuecare


Consistently branded graphics were created for Google Ads and LinkedIn campaigns, introducing PursueCare to their target audience while concisely presenting their services and conveying the benefits.

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