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Vyne Restaurant

Offering American cuisine with a Mediterranean flair, Vyne has received rave reviews since opening inside the Middlebury Consignment Shop in 2018.

  • Excellence Award: Website Design
  • American Graphic Design Award: Website Design
  • Merit Award: Website Design
Vyne Restaurant & Bar Website
Website: Vyne's website appeals to both the eye and the taste buds with a gallery of professional food photography, and also includes a calendar of upcoming events, information on the restaurant's vision, and downloadable menus featuring the classic yet inventive dishes created by Chef Michael Trudeau.
Landing Page - Menus
Landing Page - Dining
Landing Page - Weddings
Landing Page - About
Landing Pages: Custom landing pages for the main sections of the site help Vyne tell its story, including how it evolved from a simple cafe to a gourmet restaurant, its wedding and event space, and the dining options it offers its customers.