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<span>Our Top 10</span> Digital Marketing Blog Posts of 2020

Our Top 10 Digital Marketing Blog Posts of 2020

At Web Solutions, we consider it an important part of our job to share what we know about digital marketing, web design, and marketing strategy with our clients and the digital marketing community. Tactics, technology, and best-practices in the marketing industry evolve at a pretty rapid pace, so we're constantly learning and passing our knowledge on to you!

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<span>3 Worst Email Scams</span> Targeting Small Businesses, and How to Avoid Them

3 Worst Email Scams Targeting Small Businesses, and How to Avoid Them

We’ve all heard about big companies being hacked (Equifax, Marriott, Uber, Yahoo, etc.), but cyber criminals are increasingly targeting businesses with scams that don’t involve hacking at all. Rather than finding and exploiting technical vulnerabilities in online systems, these attacks use targeted emails to fool people into doing the work for them.

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<span>How to Improve</span> Your Website Speed

How to Improve Your Website Speed

When it comes to websites, lack of speed kills. Your website might offer stunning design, riveting content, and excellent products and services, but all that could go to waste if your site is too slow.

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