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20 Cool Free Tools to <span>Optimize Your Website</span>

20 Cool Free Tools to Optimize Your Website

Is there anything you would improve about your website? If your answer is “I’m not sure,” use these 20 free tools to measure your website's performance in various categories and identify opportunities for improvement.

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Why <span>Measuring Your Marketing</span> Is More Important Than Ever

Why Measuring Your Marketing Is More Important Than Ever

There was a time when marketing was more art than science. With no real way to tell whether a snazzy brochure, a cute jingle or a striking logo actually generated business, marketers used to rely on their gut about what was working, with very little data to back those feelings up.

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Our Top 10<span> Digital Marketing Blog Posts</span> of 2021

Our Top 10 Digital Marketing Blog Posts of 2021

At Web Solutions, we consider it an important part of our job to share what we know about digital marketing, web design, and marketing strategy with our clients and the digital marketing community. Tactics, technology, and best-practices in the marketing industry evolve at a pretty rapid pace, so we're constantly learning and passing our knowledge on to you!

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<span>15 SEO Mistakes</span> You May Be Making on Your Website, and How to Fix Them

15 SEO Mistakes You May Be Making on Your Website, and How to Fix Them

With Google tweaking its algorithms an estimated 500–600 times a year, it’s hard to be sure you’re using the latest SEO best practices on your site. You could be inadvertently making SEO mistakes that could cost you traffic, conversions, and revenue. Here are 15 SEO mistakes that could be hurting your site’s performance, and how to fix them.

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<span>5 Boring but Essential Things</span> Your Website Must Have

5 Boring but Essential Things Your Website Must Have

Here at Exposure, we build countless websites. All of them have different designs and functionality, but most have five behind-the-scenes elements that we recommend including on every site. They're not flashy, but they're important. Here’s what they are and why we include them.

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