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Marketing Strategy

How to Use <span>Thought Leadership Content</span> to Build Your Business

How to Use Thought Leadership Content to Build Your Business

Content serves many purposes in marketing—it can convey your brand’s story and purpose, extol the benefits of your products or services, and give customers more information about your company. But if a potential customer isn’t familiar with your brand, why should they believe what your content has to say? That’s where thought leadership comes in.

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7 Tips for <span>Great Press Releases</span>

7 Tips for Great Press Releases

Press releases have an old-fashioned reputation. Back when most people got their news from newspapers and television, press releases were the main method used by companies to publicize newsworthy events and accomplishments.

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8 Elements to Help You <span>Define and Build a Successful Brand</span>

8 Elements to Help You Define and Build a Successful Brand

If you have a company, you have a brand. But a brand is more than a name or a logo—it is a detailed identity that guides everything you do as a company, from the tone of your emails to the colors on your website to how you handle customer complaints. Whether your brand is strong or weak depends on how well you have defined it, and how faithfully you adhere to it.

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