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9 Effective Ways to Use Video in Your Marketing Plan


9 Effective Ways to Use Video in Your Marketing Plan Image

Why use video? Videos get attention, help you increase website traffic, entice users to stay longer, and drive the sales process.

If that's not enough, check out these stats: 

  • Video made up 82% of all Internet traffic in 2022.
  • People who watch a video retain 95% of a marketing message, compared to 10% who read text.
  • 92% of Internet users watched online videos in 2023.
  • 88% of marketers say video is an important part of their strategy.

You get it: Video is a powerful marketing tool. So the question is not whether you should use video, but how you should use video.

Here are 9 ways to put video to work for you:

  1. Tell Your Brand Story
    In addition to the usual mission, vision, and values statements on your About page, create a video that illustrates who you are as a company, what you believe in, where you’ve been, and where you’re going. According to one survey, video boosts brand recognition by 54%.
  2. Boost Email Open Rates
    Emails that contain videos get 19% more opens and can double or even triple click-through rates. Even mentioning the word "video" in the subject line of an email can increase open rates by 7%. Rather than embedding the video in the email itself, include a thumbnail of the video in the email and link it back to the video on YouTube or your home page. Using a thumbnail of a video rather than an image can increase click-through rates by 19%.
  3. Increase Conversions on Your Landing Page
    Including a video on a landing page can boost conversion rates by 86%. Landing pages work best when they aren’t bogged down with too many words. Watching a video is easier and more entertaining than reading a page of text, and it’s a great way to grab your audience’s attention and inject personality into your sales pitch. 
  4. Turbocharge Ecommerce with Product Videos
    Video is a great way to showcase your products. Not only does a video give customers a better sense of your product, seeing the product in use increases their confidence in making a purchase. In fact, 90% of consumers say video helps them make a purchasing decision, and 84% report making a purchase after watching a video. 
  5. Show Your Corporate Culture
    A video can take your recruiting efforts to the next level by showing potential hires what your workplace and company culture is really like. Job ads with embedded videos get 800% more engagement and receive 34% more applications.
  6. Offer Step-by-Step Tutorials
    How-to videos are a great way of illustrating a process or showing potential customers how your product works, demonstrating the value of your product or service, and displaying your company’s expertise. 
  7. Communicate Your Value with Customer Testimonials
    In 2024, testimonials are the most popular type of video marketing, with 39% of marketers using video testimonials to promote their products and services. Customer testimonials are a great way to establish trust, and a video of a customer describing their positive experience with your product or company feels more authentic and personal.
  8. Recap a Successful Event
    Are you back home after a great showing at your industry’s most important conference? Share the experience with your customers and boost your authority in the industry with an event recap video, showing your company’s presence, interviews with attendees and speakers, product demos, and highlights of the event.
  9. Evoke Emotion
    No matter what service or product you offer, there’s a way to use video to inject some emotion into what you do. Create a video that shows the customer problems you help solve or the way your business made someone’s life better.