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Our Top 10 Digital Marketing Blog Posts of 2021

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At Web Solutions, we consider it an important part of our job to share what we know about digital marketing, web design, and marketing strategy with our clients and the digital marketing community. Tactics, technology, and best-practices in the marketing industry evolve at a pretty rapid pace, so we're constantly learning and passing our knowledge on to you!

Here are the 10 most-read Web Solutions blog posts in 2021.

  1. 10 Google Hacks to Improve Your Search Rank for Free
  2. Facebook Profile vs Facebook Page: 10 Things You Need to Know
  3. What You Need to Know About Using Employees in Company Photos and Videos
  4. 13 Ways to Get More Likes, Comments, Shares and Views on Your YouTube Videos
  5. What Images Can You Use On Your Website for Free?
  6. Get More Comments on Your Facebook Posts (Without Using Engagement-Bait)
  7. 18 Dos & Don'ts for a Successful Facebook Business Page
  8. Hello, I'm From Google... and Other Common Small Business Scams to Watch Out For
  9. 7 of the Most Common Website Errors and What They Mean
  10. 9 Reasons Your Website Needs an FAQ page

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